School Policies

Tape Recording/Video Recording

  • Recording of our sessions in any way shape or form is strictly prohibited.


  • In compliance with the Smoke-Free Arizona Act, smoking cigarettes and or E-Cigarettes is prohibited within 20 feet of all entrances into our building.

Cell Phones and Texting

  • Please turn your cell phones off or place them on Do Not Disturb. Please try not to text during class. If you decide to take a phone call during class and it takes you out of class for a period that exceeds a total time longer than 5 minutes, you will not receive credit for the session.

Computers/Lap Tops/Tablets

  • These items are allowed in the classroom for note taking purposes only. Please do not allow these items to become a distraction to yourself or other students.

Disability/Special Needs

  • If you have a disability or need special help, please let the instructor know so that we can provide assistance.

Recruiting and Soliciting

  • There is a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy against recruiting in our classes. If an instructor catches you (a student) or any brokerage/recruiter trying to solicit our students while in class, you will be asked to leave the premises and no refund will be provided. Please consider this your first warning. This is a place of learning and distractions of that sort will not be tolerated.

Common Sense!!!

It is our choice to teach and to try to provide a great service for our community. With that said we as instructors are busy, hardworking folks just like your class mates are. Please do not do anything to take away from each other’s experience. We encourage dialog and questions but please do not try to take over the class. Together we will make this a great experience that will change your life for the better.

Enrollment Agreement


Tuition for the Sales Person’s Licensing course is $560, payable upon enrollment unless otherwise arranged.


Tuition is refundable in full if the manual and all other materials received as part of the tuition package are returned in their original condition before the 2nd class session or within 90 days of payment of tuition if no sessions have been attended. The cost of materials not returned in their original condition will be subtracted from the refund at the retail rate of $100 dollars. A $ 90-dollar non-refundable administrative charge will be assessed if more than one session is attended. In addition, $30 will be charged for every session (or portion thereof) attended from the second session on. These charges will be subtracted from the tuition refund.

Returned Checks

Returned checks will incur a $28 charge

Interruption of Training

  • A Student who must interrupt his or her training may, upon notice to the school, opt to be held in a pending file for up to six months from the start date, without loss of credit for fees or sessions attended. Upon resumption of class, a returning student must purchase a new set of materials at the retail rate, of $100 dollars, if materials have been revised. Due to seating limitations, returning students must make reservations with the school.
  • A student returning after a hiatus of more than six months but less than one year may repeat the course, or any portion thereof, for half the cost of tuition at the time of reentry.
  • If more than a year has elapsed in attendance, the cost of tuition at the time of reentry must be paid in full.
  • No refunds or tuition credit will be given after 12 months from the date of this agreement.
  • Any unused tuition will apply to the restart fee for a period of one year.
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