General Information


Studying We feel that attending all the class sessions and taking good notes in class is not sufficient to pass the state exam.  Set aside time after each class to complete the math homework, study your notes, and review the daily quizzes.  Quizzes are given to you as a study aid; they will assist you in spotting those areas in which you need additional study.  Students are welcome to sit in on classes again, on a space available basis within 6 months of start date at no additional charge.

Additional Study Materials

If you are interested in additional study materials ask instructor about “Study Smart” materials.

Practice Quizzes & Homework

There are practice quizzes at the beginning of each chapter. Make certain to use the answer sheets in the back of your manual.  You can practice math in the Homework sections.  The answers to all your math homework are located in your Math Solutions Section.  Try not to cheat on the practice quizzes.  You will only be selling yourself short in the long run.

Job Placement

Yuma Real Estate Academy does not promote or support any brokerage, broker, system or franchise.  We can discuss the hiring process in class or in private if any student is so inclined.  If you have questions regarding getting hired please ask your instructor and we can help you find placement.

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